Thursday, August 13, 2009

New House

Moved Mom into her new house and it is so beautiful here. Unfortunately, the movers didn't hold up to all of their end of the bargain and I am still moving things out of the big house. I hope it is all done before I have to go home. I am exhausted from "all" the dealings with people. Mom just let's me do it all and I'm tired. I decided that I will "take care of things" and allow her to be co-dependent until I leave this time. After that, she MUST start learning to take care of things herself. Of course, it will make it much easier since all she has to do is pick up the phone.
My sister arrives on Monday. She could be a book within herself. I will write more on her someday. But for the time being, I describe her as selfish, needy, and inconsiderate of all but herself. She wants it all from mom's house that she couldn't take, and Mom gave it to her. When she asked for something and I told her Mom was taking it, her reply was "What does she need that for?". My boys need furniture. Of course, my daughter does too but dear sister of mine said mine need it more. She has one mantra: Daddy told me that he would always take care of me-you should hold up to the bargain now that he is dead". Just a taste of the story. But, I regress.
Anyway, this is the perfect place for Mom. All our prayers are answered for a safe nice place for her to live. And, she is happy. We can all thank God.

Mom and Me


  1. God will bless you for the sacrifices you are making. Hang in there! Blessings and prayers, andrea

    PS: Hope you had fun last night~

  2. So glad she has a nice place to be. It looks so pretty and peaceful!!
    When it comes to siblings....keep your eyes on Jesus and ask Him to help you stay on HIS path~ I know at times I will get frustrated with my brother and stray into bitterness resentment bc he can be this way too, but it doesn't affect him, it affects me! So glad you have been able to help and serve your mom.....God knows your heart :)

    blessings to you!

  3. Hang in there, the time you are in with your sister and mom is but a temporary one. Look for the lesson that lies within, as God is great like that. He always has something for us to learn while in the midst of usually something we hate and despise.

    We'll be praying for you so hang in there and know that you are not doing it alone. God is with you so give it to HIM.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. It's hard to have siblings who are different than you are or who make things difficult. We just have to keep praying for them. We may not be able to change their heart, but God can.

    Love your OBX picture! I want to go back!

    Blessings and Hugs, Leslie