Monday, August 24, 2009

Life Goes On

Good morning dear friends. Yesterday I left my Mother in her new home and came back to mine after being gone for 6 weeks. With all that has happened with my mother's move and my daughter I am exhausted physically and emotionally. But, the "@#@$" didn't stop when I got home.

My daughter and I had a chance to just be together with the 6 1/2 hour ride home. She has contacted the Navy in two different divisions of the base in Japan to find out how she can report this. The reply they gave was since she was not in the Navy they could do nothing. She was told that possibly that if she reported it to her police department they could give you the information you needed. Luckly her dear boyfriend is a policeman where they live and he can help. She is also going to a crisis center today now that she is home and I am sure they will have the answers on how to proceed. I am so proud of her finally screaming I won't take this anymore. Will keep you updated.

I am in awe of each of you that responded to my cries. And for you that this story bringing back the horrors in your own lives, I am so proud of you speaking out. My prayers for your healing are daily and I sincerely hope that your know that I will always stand behind you in your journey.

Telling my mother goodbye was so hard. But my daughter stressed to me alot on the way home that I am going to get sick again if I don't take care of me. It is time to let go. 5 years ago after my father died and I took over everything I became very ill. Apparently she feels that I am heading down that road. When did our children grow up enough to start taking care of us?

When I walked into the house last night, my husband announced that the cat has been spitting up blood for the past 4 weeks but didn't tell me bacause he didn't want me to worry. When asked why he didn't take her to the vet he informed my daughter and me that he had to work and on Saturday and Sunday's he didn't want to do anything. He told me that he knew I would take care of it when I got home. Needless to say my "mini me" went nuts on him and then barely spoke to him again before me taking her to the train station. I am going to call the vet now and see if I can't get my Ms. Charlie in this morning.

With love and prayers. Donna


  1. I am so sorry!The craziness of this life just keeps spinning chaotically. Know that GOD is indeed with you as you make the difficult decisions of each day.
    Yes, you need to take care of yourself. Leave the rest up to GOD. He is the only one who can lead, guide, and direct your path out of this chaos. Step back and surrender "all" your pain to HIM. Leave it at HIS feet.
    I am here for you. You know I am never more than a phone call away.
    LOVE YOU, andrea

  2. Perhaps you can find some quiet time today after dealing with your kitty. You will need this time to sit back and recharge your batteries. Tea as the sunsets outside, morning coffee before everyone else has risen, a walk around the block, just something to give you one on one time with God.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Praying for your daughter, praying for you, praying for your kitty... sometimes it seems that if one more thing goes wrong... but you are in His arms, in His shelter. Don't let the enemy steal that truth which can give you such peace. Praying for you to feel His peace in the midst of the chaos that surrounds you. Praying for confusion in the enemy's camp, and for God to bring deliverance to you and yours in the trials.