Thursday, August 27, 2009


How do I grab a button from another blog to pass on? Now you each know that I am new to this.


  1. If there is a code in the box under the button, you copy the code then go into layout and click gadgets...then click html and paste in the box.

    If you have problems after trying this ask: Edie at: or Mary at:

    They are both really good at the techy stuff.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Sometimes... if there is no code under the picture, you can right click with your mouse arrow over the picture you want to copy. Then, in your pictures on your computer, go to My pictures and left click in order to save the picture there. In your blog, go to customize...layout... add a gadget ...and choose picture. In the middle of the box, there is "choose file" and click that oval. You find the picture in your pictures and highlight it and "choose". It will place the name/number in the picture gadget and take you back there. You then have to click download and it will. Click 'done' and it will place this picture at the top of your sidebar gadgets and you can place it where you want it.
    Now, Donna, if... you wanted this pic in a blog, then do the right click - 'copy' and go to your post and left click to 'paste' in your post.
    Sorry for all the detail but I have tried to give this other avenue too. : )
    You can write me back if you need some help on this. I shall try! This stuff has been a trial by error for me for years but I get it eventually and you will too! It's fun once you are comfortable with this.
    ~ linda

  3. I wrote the instruction and put them in the How To section of my graphics blog. Here is the link.
    How To

  4. thanks for asking cause I didn't know too. Sarah