Saturday, September 5, 2009


I've been gone awhile-not from home mind you. Gone from myself. I need time to be angry. I need time to process the past two weeks. And here is what I have discovered.

1. When in trouble, ask God and your friends. God is going to pick you up. Your friends cry and pray with you. Thank you each and everyone.

2. We each age. Some faster than others. We want to hold on to our childhood. We want to hold on to our parents. There comes a time to take care of ourselves.

3. We can't make other people happy all the time. We can't change their situation. We can't change the circumstances. They have to make their own decisions about making their life full or take their own life.

4. It is OK to grieve.

5 It is OK to be happy and content with yourself.

6. There are situations in our life we can't take back. From the time that an injustice, pain, words, or an action it becomes a part of our life.

7. Say I love you more often. There will be a time in our life when it will be too late.

I am back now....and will be back with "My Will Be Done"

I've missed you. Happy Weekend.

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